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“Thanks to all who make this possible!!” ~
DM, Greenville SC
“I’m really happy with everything I received. How juicy and tasty
I’m so thankful for reliable growers and market.” ~ MC, Greenville SC

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Your Market is Open

Hello Folks!
Your market is open this week for drop-off on Tuesday Jan 22, 4:30-5:15. If you can’t pick up at this time, please text me @ 864-353-6096 so we can make arrangements.
We will be trying out the weekly drop-off to see if this works for us. If enough folks order weekly, we will be able to keep the schedule.
Do you loke Tuesdays better? if so, we will keep Tuesdays, too. It seems to work better for me to drop off the food the day I receive it from the growers, rather than unload and hold for a day in our refrigerators.
There is a huge variety of cool-weather veggies, including some ultra beautiful chard that tastes sooooo good! Don’t you love it that our growers pack your orders the day you receive them? They start out twice as tasty and they stay fresh lots longer, but who can resist using these fabulous veggies right away? Not me! YUM!
We have some awesome duck eggs, eggcellent for baking, but also can be used just like chicken eggs, too. They are larger in general, and seem to have a larger yolk. We love our pekin Ducks, and will be sending you photos of them soon.
AWA people will be out to Putney Farm on the 22nd to see that we still meet Animal welfare approved standards this year. Of course we do, but can’t help but get a little nervous, just the same. AWA likes the way we handle our hens, though, and we expect to pass with flying colors.
Do you like the Surprise CSA boxes? Do you like getting the protein in it, and do you like getting products from different growers? Let us know what you think. We are a team, arent we? YES WE ARE! So, feed back people, is where its at.
I guess you can tell that I, Donna, am feeling MUCH better. The Putney’s have been doing less eating out, moore juicing and green smoothies, and more raw fruits and veggies. Sure, we ate right before….well, better than most, but now we are ramping it up, and, lo and behold: our health and opur outlooks have both improved tremendously! Maybe my memory will get lots better too, and, along with that, better customer service!
So, folks, eat your veggies and think good thoughts!

Hope to see you there at drop-off. :-D