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“Thanks to all who make this possible!!” ~
DM, Greenville SC
“I’m really happy with everything I received. How juicy and tasty
I’m so thankful for reliable growers and market.” ~ MC, Greenville SC

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Reminder That your Market is Open until Monday at Noon

Your market is open this week for drop-off on Tuesday Jan 22, 4:30-5:15. If you can’t pick up at this time, please text me @ 864-353-6096 so we can make arrangements.
You do not want to miss the most beautiful, most delicious, and freshest greens available to you anywhere. Spurgeon and Spurgeon are outdooing themselves to produce masterpieces of the winter garden; crispy, tender and mild Chards, spicy Arugula, healthy and sweet beets. You will not find a fresher veggie assortment anywhere, friends, because Mr. Spurgeon picks your greens just hours before they are dropped off to you, chills them, packs them individually to your order, and hands them off to us for their short ride to your kitchen!

Also: take note that Nature’s Beef at Taylor Farm is preparing the next generation of beef for you by rotating them on his hundreds of acres of pasture paddocks. Mr. Taylor lovingly moves the herds around to green pasture, even if this means that he has to load the herd in his cattle hauler to keep them out of traffic while they are transported to the next paddock.
I just love to see all the little new born calves in the front pasture this time of the year. Mr. Taylor keeps the moms and calves as close to the house as possible so he can check on them as they are being born and make sure Mom and baby are doing okay. If a mother is having any trouble at all, Mr. Taylor knows about it and is Johhnie-on-the-spot to come to the rescue.
To give you some background on this herd, from what I understand, this is a closed herd, meaning that no cattle come from the outside. This keeps out any possibility of bringing in any disease from other farms, and keeps his beautiful herd in top condition.
When I walk past the pastures on my hikes, The evidence of a well-cared-for herd is abundant. Shiny coated, well-built, very calm cows sometimes wander over to the fence because they are used to having people pay attention to them. I am in awe of the beauty of the herd, the vast, tree-lined green pastures, and the neatness of a well-cared-for farm, and I feel honored to have been transplanted to this area and to have become friends with such an awesome rancher as Richard Taylor.
As you order meat from him, you will soon become aware, as I am, of Mr. Taylor’s meticulous attention to detail and his keen desire to give excellent customer service. He may phone or email you to be sure he understands exactly what you want. I don’t know how many times he checks and double-checks, but your orders are always correct, and well-marked.

These two growers that I have mentioned, Alton and Dodi Spurgeon and Richard Taylor, are, in my opinion, some of the best growers in the Upstate, always reliable, and always producing the finest quality food available anywhere. I will also say that they are folks of fine character, and that I am honored to be given the opportunity to offer their products to you.
We have several fine growers; in fact, I believe the finest group of growers a person could wish, hope, or pray for. These folks choose to stay with us , and that makes me very happy. We are all very blessed to have this fine group of highly principaled farmers all in one place, Upstate Locally Grown Clemson