Putney Farm

Website: www.putneyfarm.locallygrown.net

Putney Farm is a small homestead focusing on working with nature in every phase of our lives.
Our laying hens live an idyllic life of true free ranging on a mix of pasture and woods, with roomy quarters to roost in safety at night.
The flock are all pure heritage breeds, selected for their calm natures and beautiful colors. Rainbow colored egg shells are our specialty. The eggs are hand selected for each carton so that the consumer receives a beautiful package of flavorful, nutrient-rich, fresh, fertile eggs. You will notice a wonderful difference of flavor and texture, a rich, golden yolk, and down-home, old-fashioned goodness!
We also garden, using IPM (Integrated Pest Management), which, to us, means never, ever any chemicals used anywhere on the farm.
Instead of chemicals, we use companion planting, soil enrichment with organic matter, mulching, composting, beneficials, proper conditions and soil elements for each type of produce. That is what we call “working with nature”.
Putney Farm focuses on continuing education, both for ourselves, and for all who would like to learn.
we are always willing to share the secrets of anything that we may do successfully, and to glean knowledge from those who have shown an ability to succeed at sustainable farming.
We love to support other growers, both established and new growers, in their quest to live a clean and sustainable life-style, and that is why we chose to share our online farmer’s markets with over 40 local producers in a cooperative, win/win effort to bring the finest, freshest foods from our farms to your table.

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