Nature's Beef


We are the Taylor family, living in beautiful Honea Path, SC. Bar T Ranch consist of 480 acres, located in Anderson County, centrally located, about 25 miles from Anderson, Greenville, Greenwood and Laurens. My grandfather purchased the land in the 1930’s, as all southern farms in those days, it was mostly growing cotton and raising mules. The first beef cattle were purchased in the 1940’s. Purebred Angus were purchased in the 1950’s.

Today, we are the third and fourth generation working together on our ranch. Our goal is to provide a safe, wholesome, and nutritious product for your family. By using the tools available in the cattle industry today, along with the Lord’s guidance, we feel as though these goals are definitely achievable. Thank you for viewing our website and we hope after reading about our beef you will purchase many of our cuts of beef – steaks, roasts or hamburger, over thirty different cuts in all, as well as purchasing a half or whole beef. We hope you enjoy your meal and would enjoy hearing from you!

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