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Grower: Putney Farm
Price: $2.00 ( 1 Gallon )
Available (Estimated): 50

Dry, cured compost, with a few leaves. Adds nutrients and humus the natural way. Contains leaves, feathers, egg shell, and ... more
Compost - 5 gallons Compost (Putney Farm)
Grower: Putney Farm
Price: $5.00 ( 5 GALLONS DRY MEASURE )
Available (Estimated): 14

No time for a compost pile? We did it for you! Black gold,Straight from the farm, and READY TO MIX ... more
Compost - Deep Litter Method Putney Farm
Grower: Clemson SC
Price: $7.50 ( 10 Gallons )
Available (Estimated): 8

ADD ORGANIC MATTER QUICKLY to your garden! Dried and bagged. Our hard-working hens worked all season turning this recipe into ... more
Compost - Starter (Putney Farm)
Grower: Clemson SC
Price: $1.75 ( 1 tennis ball can full )
Available (Estimated): 13

Seed your compost with our starter!Helps your pile to heat up faster. Contains special enzymes and plants which are known ... more
Putney Farm Compost
Grower: Putney Farm
Price: $15.00 ( Thirty Gallons )
Available (Estimated): 100

Lots of recycled leaves, straw, and litter went into this compost, but now it is black gold. This compost is ... more