Nasturtium_butter Edible Nasturtium (cress) Recipe
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Flowers and leaf are excellent addition to any salad and make a beautiful garnish on your plates. Nasturtium and other cresses are considered interchangeable in the kitchen and are popular in Europe and North America where they are used for spreads (especially those based on cottage cheese) and salads. In Europe, cress leaves are not commonly combined with other fresh herbs but they are compatible with the fines herbes of French cuisine and may be used together with each of them. Leaves or flowers of nasturtium are commonly used to flavour herbal vinegar and cress is also very good for herb sauces. NASTURTIUM BUTTER 4 ounces unsalted butter (1/4 pound - 1 stick), softened 12-18 nasturtium flowers - rinsed and drained - chopped small 3-4 fresh chives (optional) - chopped small 2-4 fresh nasturtium leaves or a few sprigs fresh parsley - chopped small Mix all ingredients until well blended. They can be rolled into logs and wrapped in plastic wrap. Can be frozen. Put a frozen pat/slice on roasted chicken, a freshly grilled steak, baked potato, etc. NASTURTIUM GOAT OR CREAM CHEESE DIP / SPREAD 8 ounces (1/2 pound) cream cheese or soft goat cheese (chevre) 4 teaspoons tender nasturtium leaves, chopped 4-6 nasturtium flowers for garnish - or can be chopped and mixed in if you wish. Mix all ingredients until well-blended. We serve the Chevre and Nasturtium Leaves Dip/Spread with crackers. If you desire a creamier consistency, add a little bit of milk, cream or sour cream.