Eggs_rainbow-pastel Eggs - Rainbow Eggs -1/2 Dozen (Putney Farm)
Grower: Putney Farm
Price: $2.50 ( 1/2 dozen)
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Specially selected, 6 Natural colors of the Americauna chicken egg shells; the inside is the same as all free-range eggs: golden yellow. Beautiful pastel colored eggs in a round see-through container; pink, blue-green, dark brown, or olive. These beautiful eggs, when boiled, make a lovely display. About our Auracauna Chicken: Very docile, these multi-colored and rare hens are free to live a great life of picking their foods and activities, with plenty of food, water, fresh air, sunshine, and shade. They love to dust-bathe for their health. Stretching out in a sunny spot and warming themselves for a while, even on summer mornings, is a favorite activity. But, once the sun is high, the whole flock pretty much heads for the shady spots to snooze or to scratch up a snack from under the leaves.