Eggs_003 Eggs -Rainbow Dozen Brown, Tan, Rose, Blue or Green (Putney Farm) Dozen -
Grower: Putney Farm
Price: $4.85 ( one dozen mixed colors)
%> Available (Estimated): 29

A lovely medium size random mix of shell color...perhaps blue-green, brown, tan, olive. A quote from Berkley's study on eggs: "Words to the wise: Eggs are good food. Most people can eat one or two a day. Just don’t mess them up by preparing them with fatty, salty ingredients or serving them with unhealthy side dishes." Medium-to-large eggs, brown,blue-green, or tan in color. Gathered fresh this week! These eggs are from free ranged chickens, happily grazing on living food, which makes a noticable difference in the color of yolk ( more golden), the taste (richer), the texture (Firmer), and your health (healthier)! No horomones, pesticides, or cages are used on our farm. The hens have plenty of acerage to freely live a hearty life! Happy hens seem to lay more eggs and maybe they even taste better for that reason, too!