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“Thanks to all who make this possible!!” ~
DM, Greenville SC
“I’m really happy with everything I received. How juicy and tasty
I’m so thankful for reliable growers and market.” ~ MC, Greenville SC

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Harvest News / Market Open.

Hello folks! Tomatoes will be ripening this week! Yeay! And summer squash is in full swing! Lettuce is on its way out. More Beef Cuts are available, and chicken backs and frames are plentiful for those new “Paleo” diets.
Your market is open for ordering directly from our featured growers. If you would like to get an order in for Tuesday pick up in Greenville and Anderson, or Wed in Greenwood, please go to,, or to order from the market page. Vote for clean, pure, local food with your food dollar.

Now that summer is here, more and more fresh veggies are popping up on the market list, which makes it even more exciting to figure out which goodies we will be choosing this week.
Remember that every dollar you spend on Upstate Locally Grown and its sister sites is returned to the community and not shipped thousands of miles away. When you order on our USLG network, you are ordering directly from the grower or artisan, and this helps our local economy.
Let’s even the score:Spend your credits; Pay your deficits. Some of you might want to take advantage of the opportunity to use up your credits by ordering some things that you can’t get at the corner store.
We would like to get everyone at zero credits. (Please remember that your credits in your account are for food and membership and cannot be refunded in cash.)
We all get a little forgetful once in a while. :-)
And those of you who may have forgotten to pay for your last order, no matter how long ago it was; it is still not too late to make things right. We will gladly and freely forgive this, as we realize that anyone can overlook something like this. It is easy to not remember to go back and settle the balance after the fact of ordering.
Operating on a small footprint: *
Remember that we aren’t a “middle-man”, but a vehicle through which you can order directly from local sustainable growers, and that the grower himself gets a generous 75-90% for his products. This is great! We love to support and promote or fellow growers. However, this leaves our market with a very small margin to operate with, which is okay; our needs are few, but if several folks forget to pay, it Kind of leaves us hanging.
We are excited to partner with our trusted friends to bring you a vast array of delicious produce! We have a few openings left for a seasonal CSA from the Putney, Spurgeon, and Welch gardens. The $35.00/wk CSA will be chock full of seasonal Veggies and easy, mouthwatering recipes for using them. All produce is organically grown. We strive to give you a rich variety of delicious edibles; greens, root vegetables, herbs, and beautiful cut flowers.
If you would like to add eggs, dairy, and/or meat to this, the option is available. Please let us know if you are interested in knowing more and we will give you a run-down of the details.
We will be posting the dates and details soon on the web site, however, please reserve your spot with us ASAP, as most of the spots are filled already, and we would love to add you while we still have room.
While the market may be open until Monday at noon, the earliest orders get all the good stuff, so please get yours in quickly. And please check out the category called “Recipes” on the Market page for ways to use your goodies. Or, you can type in the name of your product in the space provided on the market page and come up with some recipes containing the product.
Please “Friend” Putney Farm and Upstate Locally Grown on Facebook. We post on many educational and interesting subjects on poultry, sustainability, permaculture, nutrition, and homesteading skills that you may not see otherwise.
Drop-off Tuesday in Anderson at the Anderson Farmer’s Market, Downtown Anderson 5-7, in Greenville at Swamp Rabbit Café and Grocery 4-6, and Wednesday 8-8 at Whole foods Market service desk. Please remember to watch for your confirmation email after you order so that you know your order went through. If you don’t get your confirmation, your products are still in your cart, where we can’t see them.
If you need help, please message me 864-353-6096. Donna