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“Thanks to all who make this possible!!” ~
DM, Greenville SC
“I’m really happy with everything I received. How juicy and tasty
I’m so thankful for reliable growers and market.” ~ MC, Greenville SC

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Harvest News: CSA alert and more ... Your Market is Open Thurs-Mon, Feb. 21-25, 2013


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Fresh Roasted Free-Range Chicken
Simple and delicious!
1 (4-pound) whole organic Welch & Son chicken*
8 sprigs green garlic*
4 tablespoons chopped fresh rosemary*
3/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
Olive oil

1. Preheat oven to 425°.
2. Remove and discard giblets and neck from chicken. Rinse chicken with cold water; pat dry. Trim excess fat. Starting at neck cavity, loosen skin from breast and drumsticks by inserting fingers, gently pushing between skin and meat.
3. Combine garlic and rosemary. Rub seasoning mixture under loosened skin and into the body cavity. Sprinkle salt and pepper evenly over entire outside surface of chicken.
4. Place chicken in a shallow roasting pan coated with cooking spray. Bake at 425° for 10 minutes. Reduce heat to 375°; bake 1 hour or until a thermometer registers 180°. Let stand 5 minutes.

“*” indicates ingredient is available on Upstate Locally Grown

Market News


The countdown to Spring has begun. Use the next food pickup to stock up on all your winter faves. The next Clemson delivery will be THIS Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2013 at the Clemson Montessori School. from 4:30-5 p.m.

Welch & Son Farm has organic, free-range chickens back. These tender young birds are delicious and cook up perfectly from beginning to end. We recommend making use of your whole bird, by saving the bones, and making a fresh stock with them. A handful of fresh Putney herbs is a nice addition to any roasted chicken or stock recipe.

Spurgeon Farm still has a variety of winter veggies, including collards, beets, kale, and more. Check out their offerings and more under vegetables.

In addition to your order of Putney Farm Eggs (order early; supply expected to be low) and sweet potatoes, Nature’s Beef, Welch & Son sausage and chicken, Happy Cow milk products, Swamp Rabbit Cafe baked goods, and more, be sure to click on vegetables on the left-hand navigation bar of our market page and spend some time browsing veggies. More greens and other fall vegetables will be available in the coming weeks.

Duck Eggs
Duck eggs are a very good alternative to chicken eggs, and we have them here at Clemson Locally Grown. Duck eggs are much larger in general, and have a very nice rich flavor and texture. Ducks graze much more than chickens do, so the eggs are richer. They are excellent for baking, in omelets, hard boiled … order yours today!

Occasional CSA Box
For veggie lovers with commitment issues
No need to pay up front. We will give you what’s fresh and bountiful in an occasional box for $25. Just order as you like, once a week, once a month, or just once in a while. Here are a few things you can look for in this week’s $25, occasional CSA box. Be sure to order yours today! We have a limited number of these available, so act fast!
- Putney Farm eggs and sweet potatoes
- Spurgeon Farm kale

We thank you for registering at Clemson Locally Grown Please encourage your friends, family, and co-workers to join you.

Clemson Locally Grown donates 3 percent of our order profits to Clemson Montessori School, in return for use of their school parking lot as a drop-off location. We also appreciate the helpful hands of CMS market volunteers. Feel free to lend your hands, if you have a moment to do so.

Donna’s Corner

Hi all!

We are getting geared up to have a fantastic season with veggies at Putney Farm, which is why we are considering opening up a few CSAs. I have already started seedlings for kohlrabi, cabbage, spinach, bunching onions, potatoes, broccoli, lettuce, chives, and much more to come! We have purchased a small greenhouse to start our seedlings, and will be offering started plants as well.

My specialty is flowers, but herbs and veggies come in a close second. We will be growing a complete variety of veggies this year; hoping to cover all the veggies for ourselves and a few others. We also have asparagus and strawberries, as well as blueberries and perhaps blackberries in limited amounts.

We have cut back on chickens, and will offer first to our USLG members before we send to our commercial outlet, Swamp Rabbit Cafe.

— Donna

Did you know, anyone who has a recipe or article published in the Harvest News is entitled to one added month of membership! Tell us about your garden, share your favorite eats with us, or even a book review. Please email your CLG content to Heidi.

We appreciate Clemson Montessori School for allowing us to host our drop-off in their shady parking lot!

And we thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally produced foods possible! Be sure to “like” us on Facebook so you can stay in touch with all the latest updates.

Have a wonderful week, happy shopping on USLG, and may you enjoy good family meals from all your goodies!

Donna and Lenard, Heidi, Anna, Elizabeth, and the whole gang of Market helpers.